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In response to several enquiries about mounted prints, I am afraid they are not available to buy direct via my website, so I have decided to start offering this service by doing them myself again.

The lustre print and mounts sizes I am offering are:

• 15” x 10” print in a 20” x 16” mount
• 12” x 12” print in a 40cm x 40cm

All supplied in a clear, protective acetate artwork bag, ready to slip into the frame of your choice.

To start with I am offering the mounts in black or white options, but may add other colours as requested. The mounts I use have a neutral pH non-acidic white core, which will stay white for the life time of the board, and are at the ‘commended’ level of the Fine Art guild. The backing boards the prints are mounted on are also pH neutral and meet the Fine Art Guilds approval for standard mount board.

Both sizes of mounted prints, in a presentation bag, are available at the moment for only £25 each. Please PM or email me if you would like to place an order.

If I can’t delivery locally or get it to you one way or another, then there will be a charge of £4 p&p.

I will take orders for any image you see here or on my business Facebook page -
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